Our father started export business in early fifties with a unique concept to export delicately designed products in exclusive finishes. The well known finish "BLACK TOLEDO" which became very popular in United States, was originated by us.

It is a true story that when our products reached New York in late fifties, it created a history for exclusive products for American people. The news also reached the Indian Consulate General in New York. The then Indian Consulate, Mr. Vijay Nathan made a humble request to the Importer 'Bethwissman & Co.' and the designer Mr. Lee Burney for a special display of our products at Indian Consulate office in New York. Hence, our products were displayed at Indian Consulate office for many days.

Since then we never turned back and made regular improvement in designs, upgradation of technology and maintaining high standard of quality.

Virgin Mary Exports was established to fulfill the goal of glorious prosperity which our late father founded more than five decades ago. Our long experience in designing and finishing gave our products overwhelming appreciations by our valued clients.